Pain therapy

We treat pain even in the acute phase

When pain becomes an unwelcome companion to our daily life, the quality of life is affected by a physical, psychological and social point of view. It is possible to reduce and eliminate the pain even without the abuse of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, which usually have contraindications and side effects.

In our health centre, we cooperate with a medical expert in acupuncture and Trigger Point Therapy, ie medical therapy particularly suitable for treating both chronic and acute pain.

This drug-free approach is a valuable therapeutic complement to traditional spa treatment with mature mud, thermal baths and massotherapy. This is one of the few therapeutic alternatives, which the guests can use in case of inflammation and / or acute pain.

Its effects are in fact antalgic, anti-inflammatory, rebalancing.

We recommend the antalgic therapy especially in cases of muscle contractures, epicondylitis, cervico-brachialgia, scapulo-humeral periarthritis, pains of the small joints, lumbosciatalgie, whiplash and "witch shot".

This millenary therapy of Chinese origin is recognized and practiced today even in hospitals. It consists in the insertion of very fine needles in precise points of the body, with the aim of restoring its balance, unblocking its energy and resolving the pain. The needles can be inserted precisely in the points where the pain originates, or along those energy channels (meridians) that connect the affected organs, for reflex therapy: the experience and the sensitivity of the acupuncturist doctor are fundamental elements of the therapy.
Acupuncture is not only effective against musculoskeletal pains, such as acute contractures, joint pain, periarthritis and lumbosciatalgia, but also in diseases of the nervous system, including problems related to stress (insomnia, headaches, states depressive), in problems of a functional type such as constipation, as an adjuvant in weight loss and in detoxifying therapy.
Trigger Point therapy
Like the acupuncture technique, this therapy consists in the injection of little physiological solution in the Trigger points, ie those from where inflammation originates. The injected liquid exerts a slight pressure on the inflamed spot to rebalance and detoxify it, and thus eliminates pain and inflammation.
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