Psychology at the Thermae

Let’s take care of ourselves: inwardly beautiful
Not only our body, but also our mind and our inner world need the right care. Here at the Bristol Buja Hotel you will have the possibility to take care of yourselves at 360°, and to bring out your inner beauty and harmony. The specialist Dr. Greta Schonhaut, psychologist, can help you to positively contact your inner world, recover your mental energy, and reconcile your body, mind and heart.
The specialist Dr. Greta Schonhaut uses highly specialized and highly professional techniques. Through color tests and other personalized paths, you can identify your strengths and learn how to use them effectively to handle the emotional and mental states.
What does it mean?
Learning to improve the quality of one's life, thanks to the recovery of mental, physical and emotional well-being, in order to handle and alleviate anxiety and worries, improve the quality of sleep, recover optimism, hope and resilience together with self-efficacy and self-determination.
Possible benefits:
● Rediscovering inner balance
● Harmonizing mind, body and psyche
● Improving the quality of sleep
● Increasing self-esteem
● Increasing self-determination
● Improving self-confidence
● Learning relaxation and stress handle techniques
● Revitalizing your life
● Recovering good mood
● Improving concentration capacity
● Greater awareness of one’s emotions and their control
● Increased ability to manage personal and family situations
● Greater awareness of one’s body and therefore greater ability to take care of oneself, by becoming an active part in the resolution of painful physical situations, such as headaches, gastritis, ulcers, sleep disorders.
● More energy, memory capacity and concentration.
The sessions:
After a first session of approx. 90 minutes, in which it is possible to perform the colors test to identify your strengths, you can customize the work plan according to the needs and duration of your stay at the Hotel Bristol Buja, with the optimization of the times and the work in synergy with the other staff professionals made available by our hotel. You have high quality benefits already after the second session.
The specialist provides advice and techniques for a healthy and correct management of one's emotional and mental life, and teaches some relaxation techniques as well. At the end of the stay, you leave richer in experience and with a wealth of self-knowledge and techniques to be used to restore the homeostasis of well-being and inner and mental harmony ... a B.Well at 360°!
Our proposal for the right inner balance is based on the recovery of:
- Self esteem
- Self-efficacy
- Self-determination
- Optimism
- Hope
- Resilience
- Joy of life
- Well-being
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